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Cock Sucking 101

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Cock Sucking, sucking cock, cock sucking 101, learn to suck cock, sucking dick, dick, cock, penis, cocksucking

Oral talents are the most important! Sucking is also the area where most guys seem to be lacking skills. Giving a blowjob has NOTHING to do with blowing. Rather the exact opposite. You should suck on it, and suck on it hard. Just as you would suck a lollipop, straw in a soda, or a cigarette for those who smoke.

Many boys that are just starting out - seem to be under the impression that all you have to do is just go up and down on it with your mouth. WRONG! There is a lot more to it!  

The goal of a good blowjob is to find the most sensitive areas on your partner's cock and then to stimulate them with your mouth, tongue, and lips as much as you can.

Forming a tight seal around your partner's cock is the key. There is one problem that's the most common in bad blowjobs. TEETH! Having a guy's teeth scrape on your cock as they're sucking you, is not only unpleasant, but it also hurts. The best way to get around this is to open your mouth wider, or even better yet, is to slightly curl your lips over your teeth.

Cock Sucking, sucking cock, cock sucking 101, learn to suck cock, sucking dick, dick, cock, penis, cocksucking

Be careful, however, if you curl your lips over your teeth too far and you have really rough stubble from not shaving, then you still might cause your partner quite a bit of pain. The trick is to avoid rubbing, or scraping your partner's cock with anything that might be unpleasant. 

Commonly the most sensitive areas on a guy's cock are the rim of the cock head, the tip, the top side of the cockhead, and at times the bottom side of the shaft.

Cock Sucking, sucking cock, cock sucking 101, learn to suck cock, sucking dick, dick, cock, penis, cocksucking


This method is also good for stimulating the tip of the cockhead. You can tease him with your tongue by flicking it across the tip as you suck him, you can even tease the slit at the top of his cock. Some guys, however, tend to be TOO sensitive there, so it may not be too pleasurable for them to have their slit played with. As always look for your partner's feedback.

To stimulate the top side of the cockhead during a blowjob, swirl your tongue around it on each top stroke. Try occasionally turning your head clockwise and counterclockwise as you bob up and down while sucking him.

To stimulate the bottom side of the shaft, extend your tongue inside your mouth as much as you can without breaking the tight seal, and then firmly press your tongue against the shaft as you bob up and down sucking him.

Positions are also a key to giving a good blowjob. Naturally you want to get as much of his cock as you can inside your mouth.  

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If your partner's cock curves upward towards his stomach, you may get a better response from him if you turn your body in such a way so that the curve of his cock matches the curve of your throat. Sort of like one half of a 69 position, where it seems like his cock could just slip down your throat with out a problem. Like this

Cock Sucking, sucking cock, cock sucking 101, learn to suck cock, sucking dick, dick, cock, penis, cocksucking


If your partner's cock curves downward towards his feet, then being between his legs, on your stomach, or on your knees will work really well for him. It will also make it easier and more enjoyable for you.

Cock Sucking, sucking cock, cock sucking 101, learn to suck cock, sucking dick, dick, cock, penis, cocksucking


Another decision you want to make is, whether your partner should be standing, sitting, or laying down on his back. Different guys have different responses, and sometimes different degrees of erection depending on which position they're in.

Another good position is for you to be on the bed flat on your back with your head tilted back. He should be standing above you by the edge of the bed sliding his cock in and out of your mouth.


6.gif (245316 bytes)

You should also use your hands during a blowjob. Some guys have problems staying really erect during a blowjob. It helps in this case to grip his cock firmly with one hand, make a ring around it with your index finger and thumb and place your hand at the base of his cock squeezing the base of the shaft, this usually makes his cock a little harder. Some guys get harder if you use a couple of fingers to press against the hard area just below his balls.

Another way to stimulate the rim of the cockhead is to make a tight ring with your index finger and thumb around his cock just in front of your mouth, and as you go up on each stroke, let the rim of the cockhead pass through it. Be sure your fingers are slippery though, for easier friction.

You can stimulate the whole shaft by stroking it with your hand in rhythm with your sucking.

7.gif (340646 bytes)

A fun part of a blowjob can be having your balls played with. Be gentle though. Some guys love to have their balls played with, licked and sucked during a blowjob. Be careful when sucking on your partner's balls. To some it's a very sensitive area, and it can hurt quite a bit even with minor stimulation.

When in doubt stick to licking, and gently nibbling on the ball sack. If he has balls of steel and can take anything, then by all means go to town on him. 

The 69 position can be fun, cause you're both getting pleasure at the same time. The traditional position, with one guy on his back and the other on top of him, almost never works. The guy on top can suck without a problem, but it's difficult for the guy on the bottom to give an effective blowjob.

The best position for 69ing is on your side. You line your self up so that each of you is at the crotch level of the other, then slide your arm under his bottom leg, and vice versa. This lets you get your arm in a more comfortable position. It usually helps to lift your top leg and bend it at the knee, allowing your partner more access to your crotch. If your partner in a 69 position is pretty experienced - look for what he's doing and imitate him.

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When on the receiving end of a blowjob, you may be tempted to start thrusting your hips and fucking his face with your cock. That's all fine and well, however, it often prevents your partner from doing what he does so well. Grabbing the back of his head and pushing your cock inside his mouth can be a fun power trip from a visual standpoint, but it rarely makes it fun for your partner. Hence the T-shirt slogan:

"Let go of my ears, I know what I'm doing."

A really nice touch can be stroking your partner's hair, neck and face while he's sucking you, this lets him know that you're enjoying this and appreciate him.

9.gif (328164 bytes)

Deep throating is something that feels really good for your partner, but can be quite a chore for you.  The trick to getting that cock down your throat (down your esophagus, not down your trachea) is to keep pushing your head forward, and opening your mouth and sliding your tongue out as much as you can. Do not try to suck him while deep throating, it's impossible. Another very helpful tip is - if you're going to do this, be sure you do it on an EMPTY stomach. It has happened that deep throating triggers the gag reflex, and suddenly you may find yourself with a portion of your lunch or dinner in your mouth as you're giving someone a blowjob. This is not a very pleasant experience 

Also, don't always expect your partner to cum from receiving a blowjob. Sometimes this rarely happens. Blowjobs feel really good, but getting off on them can sometimes be rare.

There are several psychological factors that may come into play here: degree of arousal, environment, performance anxiety, nervousness, circumstance and so on.

Sometimes it can simply be a matter of physiology - meaning that some guys' cocks just aren't as sensitive as others and require great amounts of stimulation to cum. A guy's inability to orgasm from your blow-job is not necessarily a direct reflection of your cock sucking abilities.

If your situation allows it, and you think your ego can handle it, try asking your partner for completely honest feedback on this one.

If you're determined to get him off, but it just doesn't seem to be happening, and your jaw feels like it's going to fall off - THEN TAKE A BREAK! If you keep going despite your fatigue, you can be pretty sure that your partner is going to pick up on your growing sense of personal frustration, and it will be that much more difficult for him to get off.

In my case if someone can get me off just by sucking me, then I consider him to be exceptional at giving head. Usually it's been a combination of a guy using his mouth and his hands to do the trick. 

If your partner is going to cum during a blowjob, it's up to you to decide whether to swallow his load or not. Since this is not a site about safe/safer sex I won't launch into any exhaustive lectures about risky behavior, risk factors, etc. Suffice it to say that it's up to you to assess the risk of any given situation.

Personally, I find it erotic when someone swallows my load, and most guys also get a rush from experiencing this. Though, personally I always like the taste of cum and I love to swallow.  Like I said, you need to make this call.  One thing should be noted, the taste of your partner's cum will vary, depending on what he's had to eat, and drink earlier.  

Some guys who are cut, are apprehensive about uncut cocks. Don't be! Look at it as an added bonus, and an added chance to make your partner squirm with pleasure.

Quite a few cut guys loudly proclaim that they find uncut cocks so much fun to play with! These days the number of circumcised men who have a fetish for uncut men/cocks is startlingly large and growing.

Guys who are uncut are generally MUCH MUCH more sensitive than cut guys. You can't always give uncut guys the same rough treatment that you've been giving your other partners. The most common problem I've heard is a partner pulling the skin of the cock too far down to the point that it is painful. The foreskin is attached to the cockhead, so be careful. Teeth can also be a big problem  It can be rather awkward when you're in a situation and your partner is trying to give you pleasure, but he is instead hurting you.

With uncut guys, the cockhead, and its rim are generally the most sensitive areas. Sliding your tongue between the foreskin and cockhead can give him waves of pleasure. Swirling the tip of your tongue between the retracted foreskin and the rim of his cockhead can feel wonderful!

Some guys have really sensitive foreskins, so an added bonus for them would be to have it played with, either with your tongue, or nibbled on gently. If your partner has a foreskin that's not too tight, you can take a moist finger place it on the cockhead and roll the foreskin over it so it covers your finger. You can then gently move your finger around in the a circular motion. This feels really good. If you're not sure how to do this, ask you partner if he's ever done this, and ask him to show you.

Some uncut guys have really tight foreskins that do not completely retract over the cockhead. Do not try to force it, because they will yelp in pain.  

Like with any sexual experience, when giving head, look for your partner's reaction, if he's responding in a good way, then keep doing what you're doing. If he looks like he's ready to watch some TV, then obviously what you're doing to him doesn't feel that good. If you get the opportunity, talk to him and ask him which areas of his cock are really sensitive, and what feels good to him.

Just keep one very important thing in mind at all times.  If your not able to satisfy your man the way he likes to be satisfied then he will have no choice but to do it himself when your not around.  Also keep in mind that your man can and mostly likely over time find someone else to please him.

As mentioned above and worth repeating, talk to one another.  If you don't ask then you could be missing out on a load of cum, and that would be bad.

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If after reading this your still not for sure on how to give a great blow job and would like private lessons, I live in the central area of Phoenix, Arizona USA.  I'm in the 19th Ave and Camelback area.  email me at and let's get together and work on your sucking skills.

Happy Sucking 

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