The movies on this page have a gay theme to them but are not pornographic though some of them may have sexual scenes.


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Alexander: Theatrical Cut

2004 - Director Oliver Stone takes on the saga of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian conqueror legendary for his
military prowess, but whose interior life included an unnatural relationship with his mother, a stormy marriage and a
male lover.

Cast: Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Anthony Hopkins, Jared Leto, Rosario Dawson, Gary Stretch, Jonathan
Rhys Meyers, Brian Blessed, Bin Bunluerit
Between Something & Nothing

2008 - Small-town cutie Joe (Tim Swain) arrives at the esteemed Rhode Island School of Design and befriends the free-
spirited Jennifer (Julia Frey). The cash-strapped pair finds a lucrative opportunity when hustler Ramon (Gil Bar-Sela)
inspires Joe to work as a prostitute. Meanwhile, he and Jennifer work to expand their creative horizons in the drug, sex
and money-fueled world of the art school elite.

Cast: Tim Swain, Julia Frey, Gil Bar-Sela, Jeff Maccubbin, Guillermo R. Rodriguez, Theodore Bouloukos, Brad Hallowell,
Keith Herron, Mara Kassin
Brokeback Mountain

2005 - Set against the sweeping landscapes of Wyoming and Texas, this epic love story tells of two young men -- a
ranch-hand and a rodeo cowboy -- who meet in the summer of 1963 while driving sheep on a mountain range. They
unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection, one whose complications, joys and tragedies provide a testament to the
endurance and power of love.

Cast: Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, Randy Quaid, Linda Cardellini, Anna Faris, Scott
Michael Campbell, Kate Mara, Cheyenne Hill, Brooklynn Proulx, Tom Carey

1976 - directed by: Philippe Vallois; country: France
A typically French film of the period - reeling in the after math of the 60s new-wave genre . We’re into the 70s here and a refreshingly liberated gay portrayal in the classic auteur style. The scattered ambivalence for cinematic narrative, together with Paris herself symbolising permission for intellectual irreverence of any rules or boundaries. The film tells something of the lives of a group of young carefree gay adults and filming takes place among the bars, apartments and cruising areas of night time Paris
Kissing Darkness

2014 - A group of college boys, bored with the every day "gay life" of LA, decide to skip Pride weekend in exchange for a camping trip in the woods. Quickly overcome with boredom in their new surroundings, the boys venture into a game that ultimately unleashes the vengeful spirit of a local legend known as Malice Valeria. Overcome by her deadly plan of tainted love and her thirst to take back what was lost long ago, the boys must now band together before they fall victim to the poisons of a broken heart.

Cast: Nick Airus, Allusia Alusia, Sean Benedict, Daniel Berilla, Ish Bermudez, Kyle Blitch, Roger Duplease, Jeneva Jones, Ronnie Kroell, Sean Paul Lockhart, Kyan Loredo, Griffin Marc, Steven Tylor O'Connor, James Townsend, Misty Violet

Last Summer

2013 - Last Summer tells the story of two high school sweethearts, Luke and Jonah, who spend their final months together
over the course of a long, quiet summer in the rural South, contemplating their uncertain future and the uncertain
future of America. Jonah, sensitive, quiet and artistic, prepares to leave his small town for college, leaving Luke
behind, but all he wants is for Luke to ask him to stay. But Luke, an athlete struggling through summer school, knows
that his boyfriend needs to experience the world beyond their home.

Cast: Deb Lewis, Samuel Pettit, Sean Rose
Latter Days

2004 - Huge festival and theatrical hit, Latter Days is the story of 19-year-old Elder Aaron Davis, a sexually confused
Mormon missionary who moves into an apartment complex in West Hollywood with a fellow group of missionaries. There he
meets a neighbor, Christian, who, on a bet, tries to seduce him. When Christian exposes Davis' secret desire, Davis
rejects Christian for being shallow and empty. As each boy's reality is shattered, the two are drawn into a passionate
romance that risks destroying their lives. Audiences, young and old and straight and gay, have been moved to tears by
this beautiful story of the transformational power of love and family.

Cast: Steve Sandvoss, Wesley A. Ramsey, Rebekah Jordan, Amber Benson, Khary Payton, Jacqueline Bisset, Joseph Gordon-
Levitt, Rob McElhenney, Mary Kay Place, Erik Palladino, Dave Power, Linda Pine

1997 - To escape his nagging father, 16-year-old Marek (Miroslav Caslavka) flees his small-town life for the teeming streets of Prague. But the city offers no warm welcome, and Marek instead finds himself immersed in the bizarre world of male hustlers. He soon meets the street-savvy David (David Svec, who also cowrote the film), and the two forge a flesh-peddling business -- the first step in a downward spiral that ultimately leads to tragedy for Marek.

Cast: Mirek Caslavka, David Svec, Miroslav Breu, Jiri Kodes, Karel Polisensky
My Own Private Idaho

1991 - Gus Van Sant's indie hit hones in on the friendship between Mike (River Phoenix) and Scott (Keanu Reeves), two
hustlers living on the streets of gritty Portland, whose relationship stumbles when they hit the road to find Mike's
mother, and Scott falls for a woman. Scott's lifestyle is his way of embarrassing his rich, oppressive father, while
Mike is a narcoleptic who's in love with Scott but maintains he's straight.

Cast: River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, James Russo, William Richert, Rodney Harvey, Chiara Caselli, Michael Parker, Jessie
Thomas, Grace Zabriskie, Udo Kier
Salvation Army (L'armée du salut)

Not able to find english sub-title for this film

2015 - Moroccan writer Abdellah Taïa directs this big-screen adaptation of his own largely autobiographical novel,
telling the complex, coming-of-age story of a young, gay Arab man's sexual awakening.

Cast: Said Mrini, Karim Ait M'hand, Amine Ennaji, Malika El Hamaoui, Frédéric Landenberg, Hamza Slaoui


2009 - Though gang member Cal (Wayne Virgo) hides his sexuality, he secretly yearns for fellow thug Jonno (Tom Bott).
But after Cal saves Olivier (Marc Laurent), the victim of a gay-bashing by the gang, he embarks on a tender romance with
the gentle student. Now the gang's manipulative leader, Nessa (Alice Payne), is out for revenge. Simon Pearce makes his
directorial debut with this gritty British drama.

Cast: Wayne Virgo, Marc Laurent, Alice Payne, Tom Bott, Garry Summers, Bernie Hodges, Christian Martin, Louise Fearnside